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In my opinion these teams are on the cusp of being contenders, but not quite there who could become legit if they make a move before the trade deadline finishes next week.

Allow Skip to give you three of the best.

Packers: Odell Beckham Jr or Brandin Cooks

You know I had to start with my boys right?! The Packers are one offensive piece away from being a proper contender in the NFC.

Now salary cap is the major issue for attacking these two players but if Gute can move some pieces on the defensvive side of the ball to accomodate either player here and help Davante Adams, then I think he has to.

The window is closing with Rodgers and as they are currently constructed, I don’t think they have enough to beat the Bucs, Cardinals & Rams – respectfully.

Bengals: Duane Brown

The Bengals are a team I’ve been talking about for a few weeks now.

But the offensive line is still a massive problem.

Joe Burrow does a great job of masking that with his elite pocket awareness.

Now teams don’t give high calibre lineman away often, but a guy like Brown could become available especially if Seattle drop a few more games without Wilson and fall out of playoff contention. It would only help in the short term though as he is 36-years-old.

Dallas Cowboys: Kyle Fuller

Trevon Diggs is having the season of doom, but teams are having a field day throwing away from him.

The Cowboys need another shutdown corner to turn that defence from improving unit, to a problem.

Kyle Fuller is in his first season at Denver but they won’t be doing anything this year and he has been a top tier corner at Chicago before that.

If they want to combat the high offence teams in the NFC, they need to make a play.

With the NBA less than a week away, it’s time to dive into the sport where the Skip truly does his best work.

Most teams nowadays, or at least most contenders, have been showcasing a legit big 3 in the preseason.

And It got me thinking, who has the best core?

This is obviously very subjective but here are my top 10 rankings on big 3 alone.

10 Bulls

Lavine has turned in to a legit star and although DeRozan may be on the back nine, he’s still a solid two or three.

Rounded out by Vucevic who can do it all for a big man.

9 Jazz

The team with the best regular season record last year have built a more complete team than big three but with Mitchell, Gobert & ‘Average Joe’ that still have a legit top 10 big three.

8 Warriors

It feels like a minute since we’ve seen Klay on the court and I cannot wait to see what the once invincible Warriors still have left once he links back up with Steph & Dray this season.

7 Clippers

Because Kawhi & PG don’t really have a notable third player they find themselves this low. Bledsoe is nice but the big two is still strong enough to win the Clippers plenty of games.

6 Heat

Now I would love for my boy Herro to have solidified this top three in Miami with Jimmy & Bam, but he struggled in his second year.

So the Heat acquired one of the most coveted free agents of the summer in vet Kyle Lowry who will be nice upgrade at the position from last season.

5 Suns

Last year’s western conference finalists led by CP3 could indeed be higher based of the improvement Booker & Ayton made last year but I have to take in to account the amount of injuries, other teams had for them to reach where they did.

4 Nuggets

MPJ just secured the bag whilst Jokic won the MVP last year and who knows how far they could have gone if Murray didn’t get injured last year. Genuine title contender again this year – led by their big three.

3 Lakers

Lebron, AD & Russ. Despite my dislike for Lebron, Lakers are gonna be a must watch as per. Kills me Melo is on this roster.

2 Bucks

Last years champs. Cant help but love this big three as the acquired Jru Holiday, but Giannis and in particular Middleton developed by Milwaukee from the days the were drafted by the bucks.

1 Nets

Granted I scribbled this before the Kyrie news, but shit they’re still elite with Bala Pat there anyway!

Injuries are the only thing that stopped KD, Kyrie & Harden last year.

All three still in prime years and ready to make a statement (potentially)… actually their season totally depends on Kyrie…

Who would you change on the list?

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Alright. Skips found some value.

Now let me start by saying if you get on the Prince of Penny, Nath Cleary, I can’t knock ya for it but @ 4’s it’s a bit too short for my liking.

I’m just filthy I didn’t have a play on him when he was $10.0 before the Melbourne game last week.

But I digress…

So I’ll give you three other options at different prices that I really like .

Cody Walker @ $7.0

If Souths are going win this GF, Cody Walker is the guy.

He’s been the guy all year for Souths which was proven at the Dally M’s.

He will also have added responsibility as his skipper Adam Reynolds admitted he’s carrying a groin injury.

My favourite part about playing Cody is I think he’s one of the rare players who could get the medal in a losing side.

Isaah Yeo @ $13.0

The engine that keeps everything ticking over at Penrith.

Probably touches the footy more than any forward in the comp and will often create a quick play the ball or start an attacking phase that leads to try.

Plus he’s capable of putting up a 20/40 stat line.

Dylan Edwards @ $23.0

The last time these two teams met the Panthers fullback was a last minute scratching, and it showed.

He’s not the type of fullback with a heap of highlight packages but he’s safe as hell and they love him at Penrith.

I have a feeling this game will be scrappy and Edwards could be the beneficiary of a few crucial big saves.

No podcast this week, but that doesn’t mean the boys take a break from providing the jam.

Team Rocket week 15, get around it!

Best Bets

Jimmy – Sandown Race 8 ‘Chaillot’ @ $3.0

Jesse – Sandown Race 4 ‘Zouzarella’ @ $2.20

Value E/W

Jimmy – Moonee Valley Race 7 ‘Brooklyn Hustle’ @ $14.0W $4.0P (Friday night)

Jesse – Rosehill Race 7 ‘Nimalee’ @ $8.0W $2.30P

H2H2H Group 1 Golden Rose

Jimmy – Tiger of Malay

Jesse – Anamoe

Skip – Remarque


Jimmy – Titans, Bills, Chiefs, Raiders, 49ers @ $5.38

Jesse – Bills -2.5, Browns – 6.5, Broncos – 9.5, Cardinals -9.5 @ $8.63

Skip – Manly & Melbourne @ $3.0

Friday night was an easy watch as one of my former teams the Bird Gang advanced to the preliminary finals after drubbing Ice’s Chooks.

And I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy of a watch on Saturday night, but I was quietly confident the club where the Skip debuted could also get the job done.

Unfortunately they fell just short, but I don’t think a genuine fan of the club could be disappointed with the efforts of the blue & gold.

For me, it was the best performance from Parramatta in a long time.

Ironically better than the two Melbourne Storm wins this year, which might be tough to understand.

The reasons I say that is because they left it all out on the field.

So many things went against Parra in the game.

Granted a few self inflicted, but a few questionable stoppages they couldn’t control also played a part.

But they didn’t let any of those decisions affect them and literally fought to the final siren.

Call me old school but for me that was one of the best games I’ve watched in a minute.

Now Penrith have to back it up against Melbourne.

How good have these finals been so far?!

– Scope

So Jacko asked the Skipper to pick his favourite anytime jam from this year.

Everyone knows skip looks for value, so everyone of his picks has been above $2 and saluted for him at one point.

Mostly I target the $3-$5 range, otherwise known as the mid range – where again, skip lives. Everyone knows that.

Here’s skipper’s best class of 2021, anytime jam.

Melbourne Storm – Harry Grant

Penrith Panthers – Matt Burton

South Sydney Rabbitohs – Latrell Mitchell

Sydney Roosters – Sitili Tupouniua

Manly Sea Eagles – Haumole Olakau’atu

Parramatta Eels – Ryan Matterson

Cronulla Sharks – Siosifa Talakai

Gold Coast Titans – Tino Fa’asuamaleaui

Canberra Raiders – Jordan Rapana

NZ Warriors – Reece Walsh

St George Illawarra Dragons – Jack Bird

Brisbane Broncos – Jordan Riki

Newcastle Knights – Kalyn Ponga

Wests Tigers – Stefano Utoikamanu

North Queensland Cowboys – Murray Taulagi

Canterbury Bulldogs – Aaron Schoupp

With all the discussion around the race for Dally M of late, I thought it fitting to hand out some of our own awards.

The last two rounds of footy are crucial as to who wins the race between Cleary, Turbo, Walker & Hughes.

But it’s got me thinking. No one really cares, respectfully.

Everyone really wants to know who won, what @ YKTR Sports.

And in this day and age, participation awards are given out so no one misses out.

Which I don’t agree with by the way.

But I’ll do the same….

Coach of The Year – Isaac John

His ability to control the playing group with such big personalities and egos says a lot about his leadership.

He also has to be applauded for the way he completely change his game plan mid season when covid lockdowns hit.

The fact we were able to stay relevant with Blogs & Zoom podcasts says a lot about his tactical prowess.

Captain of The Year – Yours truly Skipper Scope

Unlike the boss, his job has been purely to focus on the team.

The way he’s able to lead from the front with consistency when it comes to content, whilst also helping the rest of the team speaks volumes about his character.

Throw in he also skippers the SPC & KRC on his days off from YKTR Sports. What a guy.

The Provan-Summons Medal – Corey Norman

After Normy was inappropriately on the end of one of the worst social media posts you had seen in a minute.

I couldn’t help but see the sliver lining in it all, however.

Although there were a few lemons in the comments, the majority of the messages were positive and it was plain for all to see that Normy had a heap of respect with not only players but fans across the game.

He’s always been a fan favourite of the YKTR community.

Comeback Player of The Year – James ‘Chicko’ Segeyaro

The road and journey has been well documented.

18 months plus on the sidelines, literally digging holes while he fights for his NRL career.

But the training has begun and the transition is almost complete. More to come….

VB Hard Earned Player of The Year – Luke Stowe

He’s the epitome of this award.

The guy who goes about his work daily and never really gets the wraps.

Happy for others to get all the attention while does his best work in the shadows.

Loves doing the one percenters, and just ultra reliable.

Sixth Man of The Year – Jordan Simi

In this day and age he’s the perfect role player.

Probably not consistent or reliable enough to promote in to the starting lineup, but when he’s on you have to leave him on the court.

You can handle the odd off night with Simi because he’s capable of coming back the next night and top scoring off the bench with a 40 piece. Shooters shoot baby.

Most Improved – Jackson Thomas

Although a foundation member of YKTR Sports, doing his best from NZ in the early days.

It wasn’t until the change of location this year that we have finally seen the potential he’s capable of.

Whispers are he practically lives in the gym. First to arrive and last to leave.

Rookie of The Year – Caleb Coroneos

The kid has taken YKTR Sports to the next level in only a short amount of time.

He plays with a lot of confidence, but the best thing is he’s able to back it up.

Definitely a player to watch out for next year. The star is rising.

Now last week I suggested Zach Wilson was the value play for OROTY @ $9.50 on Sportsbet.

And after another solid performance against the Packers in his 2nd preseason game, where he went 9/11 for 128 yards & 2 TDs, the bookies agree.

Sportsbet in to $8.50 while Ladbrokes have him @ $6.0.

As for the other side of the ball, I found it a little harder.

But here a few things I look for.

  • Drafted in the first round? Whilst players have thrived in the past outside of the first round I feel like franchises definitely favour their first round pick over other rounds for a number of reasons. But ego is number one for me. The front office want to be right with the most important decision they made in the off-season.
  • Will they be a Week 1 starter? It’s important to look at the depth of the position for the player. Will they be afforded more playing time due to the strength of their depth chart at the position.
  • How strong is there supporting cast? Are there playmakers on the rest of the defence that will free up the rookie to make plays.
  • Last but not least division! E.g. it probably wouldn’t be advantageous for a defensive rookie playing in the AFC West at the minute going against the Baby Goat Mahomes & last years OROTY Justin Herbert.

So with all that said, my pick is Jamin Davis from the Washington Football Team – on Ladbrokes @ $11.0.

The 19th overall pick has everything you want in the modern day MLB.

He’s a big, mobile guy that can play every down and impacts the side of the ball in nearly every category.

In his only full season starting at Kentucky last year he made 104 tackles, 4 for loss, 1.5 sacks & 3 picks while taking one to the crib.

He has nearly no competition to win the starting job, unlike others drafted above him at the same position.

Whilst playing behind the best defensive line in football by years end, which consist of four 1st rounders led by Chase Young.

He will get so many opportunities to make plays.

In the historically weak of late and questionable NFC East, I’m picking him for a huge season.

– Scope

Jeez it’s good to be back in the winners column.

After some teething pains early on Jimmy in particular saluted for the SPC in a big way over the weekend, and I’m really confident we’ve all found some value this go around.

See full list of tips and podcast below – tag us in your stories if (when) we get up!!


Jimmy – Randwick Race 2 ‘Shuffle Up’ @ $3.80

Jesse – Eagle Farm Race 4 ‘Rock Amore’ @ $2.50

Value E/W

Jimmy – Randwick Race 7 ‘Chat’ @ $6.50W $2.35P

Jesse – Randwick Race 5 ‘Nags To Riches’ @ $7.50W $2.60P

H2H Winx Stakes Randwick Race 8

Jimmy – Kolding @ $5.50

Jesse – Think it over @ $8.50

Skip – Mounga @ $8.0


Jimmy – Penrith -4.5, ATS Burton & AJ @ $7.75

Jesse – Raiders 1-12, Rapana ATS @ $10.0

Skip – Many x Rabbits @ $3.0

After finishing the third episode of Tales FromTiger Town, which I have loved by the way, I thought I’d come on here and give my three main takes from the series so far.

Madge – The right guy for the job

I have tried not to read too many comments on this topic but I feel there is a 50/50 split on how he’s been perceived.

Now in footy circles, players often talk about other coaches, systems & clubs.

And the perception of Madge at Souths from the boys was initially exactly what they needed. But by the end, most who have spent more than a few seasons under him felt run down.

Leading to early retirement or moving clubs unable to keep up with his strict regime.

But in my opinion that’s exactly what the Tigers need right now.

They have always had talented players and unfortunately, let so many good ones slip through the system but their effort at crucial points in games have let them down.

Now they’re still having those performances, but I feel like the coach is slowly imprinting his personality on the younger guys in particular.

He’s not perfect, and for me can get overly emotional which I have noticed over time can begin to have the reverse effect on players.

I just think looking elsewhere for answers at that position would just cause even more indecision for the club. As well as the coaching tree available at the moment isn’t that ripe.

Young guns – Young core to work with

In no particular order they must build around this young group.

Laurie, Nofoaluma, Talau, Doueihi, Luciano, Twal, Ofahengaue & Utoikamanu. There are a few more just on the edge but those guys in particular give you a nice building block.

I also value the importance of veterans like the Skipper Jimmy Tamou who could use a bit of help in that department, but my focus would be the eight played I named.

You probably noticed I left Luke Brooks out. Which was a tough one because I still believe he has plenty of good footy in him.

I just think he may have had too much expectation on him so early and for so long that a fresh start would benefit both player and club.

Recruitment – Key in the next two years

I mentioned on the YKTR sports show I would put all my energy into the best young players around the NRL from successful clubs, who just can’t seem to get a run or look to have bright futures.

Daine Laurie is the perfect example as to who they should be looking at replicating.

His old Panthers teammate Matt Burton would be another prime example, at the Bulldogs.

The deal may have seemed like overs initially, but looking at the Burton deal now in particular it’s looking like a bargain for the Dogs.

I would also be focusing on the Super League for some of the best English talent most would not have heard of.

Sticky rebuilt his Raiders with this form of recruitment, by gradually adding solid veterans in that league over time like Whitehead, Hodgson & Bateman in particular.

I know the Raiders find themselves in a similar position as the Tigers as we speak, but they were only a few points away from a ring two years ago and his roster is not getting any younger.

The top guys just don’t want to sign at Wests right now so the key for me is to bank on your recruitment and development.