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This title should explain itself, and now is as good a time as any to dust off those cooking cobwebs and get back in the kitchen.

Here’s three easy little dishes that will impress mumsy and have you well and truly in the good books.

Give her/him a night off cooking and have a crack at one of these.

#1: Marinated grilled salmon with broccolini/asparagus & quinoa
Time: 45 minutes
Where: Candle-lit dinner for 2, for those romantic vibes. Or put a blanket on the lounge room floor and have a little at-home picnic.

Perfect dish to give the missus a break from cooking, while also adding another string to your bow rather then the usual steak and eggs.

Maybe you’re trying to impress a new love interest? either way salmon is a can’t miss, easy to cook go to – and quick to make too.

The perfect light dinner, pick a night where she is maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed with the stress from work/ life.

Energising, healthy dinner with a bit more to it than a bland ass salad.

#2: Burrito Bowl 
: 30 minutes
Where: I’m taking this dish down to beach/park anywhere that has a nice view of a sunset, little bottle of red with the Doob. Brunch, lunch, dinner – anytime really.

I love a good deconstructed burrito bowl.

A mad dish to choose you’ve run out of ideas on what to cook – and also one that’s amazing in terms of the variety of different types of food/ dietary things you can toss together.

Nice Thursday/Friday night option – perfect why to finish off a week.

#3: Home made pizza
: 45 minutes
Where: Lounge, couch, backyard – chilled vibes.

Pizza is all about sharing, and perfect for a couple to enjoy together.

It’s a social dish, fun to cook together and easy to chat during ‘cos it doesn’t require a whole lot of focus – you can have a bit of fun with it.

Best served on weekends when all you want to do is relax, eat and talk a bit of shit.