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With the NBA less than a week away, it’s time to dive into the sport where the Skip truly does his best work.

Most teams nowadays, or at least most contenders, have been showcasing a legit big 3 in the preseason.

And It got me thinking, who has the best core?

This is obviously very subjective but here are my top 10 rankings on big 3 alone.

10 Bulls

Lavine has turned in to a legit star and although DeRozan may be on the back nine, he’s still a solid two or three.

Rounded out by Vucevic who can do it all for a big man.

9 Jazz

The team with the best regular season record last year have built a more complete team than big three but with Mitchell, Gobert & ‘Average Joe’ that still have a legit top 10 big three.

8 Warriors

It feels like a minute since we’ve seen Klay on the court and I cannot wait to see what the once invincible Warriors still have left once he links back up with Steph & Dray this season.

7 Clippers

Because Kawhi & PG don’t really have a notable third player they find themselves this low. Bledsoe is nice but the big two is still strong enough to win the Clippers plenty of games.

6 Heat

Now I would love for my boy Herro to have solidified this top three in Miami with Jimmy & Bam, but he struggled in his second year.

So the Heat acquired one of the most coveted free agents of the summer in vet Kyle Lowry who will be nice upgrade at the position from last season.

5 Suns

Last year’s western conference finalists led by CP3 could indeed be higher based of the improvement Booker & Ayton made last year but I have to take in to account the amount of injuries, other teams had for them to reach where they did.

4 Nuggets

MPJ just secured the bag whilst Jokic won the MVP last year and who knows how far they could have gone if Murray didn’t get injured last year. Genuine title contender again this year – led by their big three.

3 Lakers

Lebron, AD & Russ. Despite my dislike for Lebron, Lakers are gonna be a must watch as per. Kills me Melo is on this roster.

2 Bucks

Last years champs. Cant help but love this big three as the acquired Jru Holiday, but Giannis and in particular Middleton developed by Milwaukee from the days the were drafted by the bucks.

1 Nets

Granted I scribbled this before the Kyrie news, but shit they’re still elite with Bala Pat there anyway!

Injuries are the only thing that stopped KD, Kyrie & Harden last year.

All three still in prime years and ready to make a statement (potentially)… actually their season totally depends on Kyrie…

Who would you change on the list?

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