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Wussup help yah self FAM! Today’s blog is all about friessssss! or chippies, whatever you prefer.

Now I know this is a contentious topic, these are just my rankings. But rest assured I have a pretty GUNGUN criteria for making my decisions.

Im rating my top three fast-food fries, from the 1-10.

Ten obviously being the best, but I will also be including decimal points as well to get an accurate read. 

But keep in mind my rating system is a little different, and consists of five key categories.

They are as follows;

  • The actual look of the chip. Golden-to-salt ratio. 
  • How the fries compliment the main meal, in other words the fries versatility (can it be dipped, dunked or smooshed into a burger or wrap)
  • How consistently crispy each chip is
  • Seasoning
  • And the quality of the baggie chip (left over, spilt chips in the paper bag that sometimes taste better then the actual chips! or they turn into a Bundy big play because you’re still hungry and you look into the bag to find it’s half full – WINNING!!!!!!.)

So without further ado, here we go.


Controversial, I know.

But I’m going with Nando’s at number 1, it just ticks off all the boxes for me.

The look of the chips and crispy as anything, the compliment it gives the chicken with whatever basing you pick + can act like a doozy dip.

But my main thing that bring it to number 1 is the consistent seasoning and the unique seasoning it has – it’s like no other.

Peri-peri for the W

Rating 9.7


I know you will all be like ‘ ah what the hell KFC or Red Rooster chips are way better”.

Look it’s second for me alright because as per my ranking system, its the versatility that pushes it ahead. 

They go with every meal and it’ll be GUNNNNN.

Let’s not forget the iconic soft serve with chips –  MASSIVE HELP YAH SELF to that.

And also my fav criteria, the baggy chip.

Maccas is the king of baggie chips.

Rating 8.5

3. KFC/Red Rooster

Now tbh, I love KFC/Red Rooster chips.

They’re very similar which is why I’ve grouped them here. 

Nice and thick, decent amount of chicken salt on them, and they do compliment the mains very well, don’t get me wrong. 

But I’ve dropped them to three because of the inconsistency.

At times, they taste stale or have been left out too long in the hot box.

In saying that when they’re on, they’re GUN!

Rating 7.7

Alright your turn, rank em – go!