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Scope breaks down four of the big off-season moves to date in the league where everyone knows he does his best work – the NFL.

JJ Watt to the Cards

Initially I thought, watching the Cardinals last year, that they were good but probably 1-2 big pieces away on defence from being a legit contender.

JJ is a nice pick-up for any side.

Probably past, you know, his best years. But I think with him and Chandler Jones together they will be a problem.

Since 2021 those two guys have lead the league in sacks. So that’s going to be massive.

The best defences always have at least two guys who can get to the QB. And you force the opposition to pick their poison in regards to doubling one guy.

So for the first time, fuck in pretty much his whole career, JJ is going to get some one-on-one looks. Love the pick-up.

Stafford – Goff trade

Good trade for both sides I think.

The Lions have so many holes in their side, they need a full on reboot.

I have a massive wrap on Stafford but I just think that ran its course him in Detroit. They need to start fresh.

Goff going there will be a nice little rental QB for a few years until they figure out who their next guy is through the draft.

And for the Rams, Stafford going there makes them even more of a contender.

The offensive line has been getting better and better – and we know how elite the defence is.

I thought if Stafford went to a side like San Fran he was my smokey for MVP – that’s how high I am on him – and with he weapons in LA I still think he could get there.

Much better weapons (in LA) than he has been working with in Detroit.

The move makes the Rams a legit, legit contender.

Wentz moved on

I rate Carson Wentz still, I have a really high opinion of him and don’t believe he’s cooked at all.

Win win for the Colts. They didn’t have to give up much for him, and heaps of upside.

Plus he’s now working back with his old offensive coordinator who he really cooked under in his best years.

I think it’ll go well for Wentz this year behind that monster offensive line and Jonathan Taylor at RB is legit.

They need to draft well at WR but the defence is solid, and they will be a tough out for anyone in the AFC with Wentz under centre.

Where oh where will Deshaun land

Not a super hot take here from me, I don’t think the Texans trade him honestly – they would be crazy to let him go.

They’re struggling still to get over the Bill O’Brien hangover, it’s well and truly rebuild time there.

Hopkins, gone. Now JJ, it’s going to be a tough few years for Watson there.

I know he wants to leave but they just can’t. And I think we’ll probably be having this same conversation next year after another struggle of a season.