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Top clubs across Europe are attempting to break away to create a “Super League” – only cool part about it is the name, I do like the name.

They’re doing it to make more money because they feel UEFA is taking too much of the cash.

Basically, the rich wanting to be richer – which that part of it, I don’t have an issue with.

But over the past 24 hours I’ve dived into a lot of content around this and honestly, it makes me sick.

From a pure sports perspective, I feel the Liverpool owners have done us fans dirty.

Gary Neville has a great take on it (not typically a fan of this guy, but agree with a lot of this).

For me, you should have to earn the right to play the big teams. And breaking away to play in a glamour, cashed-up league with no competition does nothing for me as a fan.

These teams. Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal have built themselves as battlers – and the brand is in the history of the club.

The little guys that could.

You’re a fan of those sides because in the UK, your grandfather was etc.

For me, I met Harry Kewell when I was six, followed him to Liverpool from Leeds and have been riding with them ever since.

So for a concept that would see those sides abandon competitive football in favour of a cash grab headed up by US owner who have no interest or skin in the history of the game, just doesn’t sit right.

I don’t want to know that my side is playing Real Madrid for the next ten years, with no threat of knockout or relegation – I want them to earn that right.

Liverpool weren’t in the Champions League for about seven years purely because we sucked – which is fine. So when we came back it made it all that more special – even though Madrid pumped us…at home…beauty.

I can’t see this going ahead given A) the backlash but also B) the disruption it would cause to the Premier League. They won’t let it happen.

Quality over quantity. If you know that you’re in a competition where there’s no risk of relegation, there’s going to be a drop-off in the actual football too.

The German teams not wanting to be a part of it speaks volumes too.

The whole thing just makes me feel sick.

US owners coming in for a cash grab and destroying something with such a deep and rich history shouldn’t have even made it this far.

And I hope this is as far as it goes.

Zero desire to watch my club play in this thing, zero.