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Ice: Sport & Business Go Hand In Hand – Here Are My Four Most Marketable Guys In The NRL Right Now

Sports and business are two of my favourite things. They just go hand in hand.

People want to watch sport stars, businesses want to have their product or service associated with them.

It’s that simple.

I thought I’d breakdown a couple of the athletes in the NRL on who I see as the most marketable – in my eyes anyways.

In no particular order

Kalyn Ponga

I know I dick ride him a lot. He’s my favourite player, plays for my favourite team, but is just cool as fuck stop judging me.

His laid back, costal demeanour almost looks like he doesn’t care – but his house of highlights style says otherwise.

The thing that makes KP so marketable is that he transcends generations.

From old footy heads all the down to 10 year old girls. He’s a marketer’s dream.

Nike Athlete. 257 Collective Co-Founder. Photographer. Vlogger. Podcaster. Alcohol and cold brew coffee entrepreneur.

He gets the game and mostly markets things he has equity in, which is going to be a big play moving into the next decade.

I’m interested to see how he moves next.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being the face of some global fragrance like Paco Robanne – he has that global appeal.

Looks doozy rocking YKTR Too!

Hectic Cheese – Brandon Smith

When Cheese talks I listen.

I’m always waiting for him to say something funny. He usually delivers. He’s comedy.

He’s also very unassuming which makes him interesting.

Cheese has a baby like face, but plays the game like a forward from the 80’s – that weird mix makes him so entertaining to watch on and off the field.

He moves different to most NRL players.

And doesn’t shy away from media, he leans into it and like most cool people, isn’t afraid to be himself – refreshing.

Interesting 18 months coming up for the one they call Hectic Cheese, as he due a massive pay upgrade.

I can see him being the first player to the NRL to be paid in bitcoin too for some reason hahah.

Looks doozy rocking YKTR too!

Reece Walsh

I have no doubt he’ll be one of the faces of the NRL one day.

He’s probably the best looking bloke in the comp, which comes with a lot of female attention I’m sure but he’s actually mad to watch on the field as well.

His Instagram following shot up over night and is one of the most followed players in the comp right now.

Now the one big advantage he has by moving to the Warriors is that it’s a one team country.

Most people have a soft spot for the Wahs when they’re going well in NZ!

My time at the Warriors from 07-11 we made the finals every year and when It gets cranking over there it gets cranking.

I think with SJ coming back, they’re looking like a decent side and if Joey Manu ends up there I dare say it could be the best looking spine in history.

He looks like someone who enjoys being a young father too, which makes him even cooler.

Looking forward to see how this wonderful talent moves off the field over the next couple years.

NZ will eat it up if he can take them to regular finals appearances too!

Go get em kid

Nathan Cleary

Nathan Cleary reminds me of an NFL quarterback who was always destined for greatness, almost like one of the Manning boys.

The Cleary’s has an organic sound to it as well – it sounds like a Netflix series!

Rugby League is in his blood and this has always been his destiny, and now being one of the best players in the comp it’s of no surprise to those of us who knew this was what he was breed to do!

Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

Nath’s a gun but carries himself off the field as a mostly squeaky clean role model. That one little slip up with 8 girls gives him a little street cred too! Not Gonna lie.

He’s made playing for Penrith look cool.

Nath will win a comp, soon.

And the picture of him hugging is dad is something we’ll remember ’til we’re all old a frail.

He’ll captain the Blues and Kangaroos and will tick off every accolade in the game.

While he’s doing that, there will be brands lining up to throw cash at him while he goes on to become potentially the best half EVER!

I can see it already.


P.s. Looks doozy rocking YKTR too!

Affectionately known as Ice. Host the Ice Project & Co-Founder of YKTR & YKTR Sports. Long torso, big dreams.

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